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CHAMBER (IN) 2″ 3/4
CHOKE **/*
RIB 10×10

SO5 : Olympic-Level Sidelock Competition Shotgun

The best competition shooters in the world choose the best shotguns in the world: and with five gold medals in five different Olympics and countless awards in prestigious international competitions, champions consider the SO5 over-and-under the finest competition shotgun ever made. A premium gun in every respect, the SO5 is a sidelock shotgun optimized for bringing clay shooters to the podium, also thanks to the ability to personalize it to the competitor’s individual measurements.

Exceptional Quality for Exceptional Performance

The performance and reliability of this sidelock shotgun is the result of the quality of materials used, individual craftsmanship and the precision of the manufacturing processses. Barrels are constructed of cold-hammer forged Boehler Antinit steel, ensuring perfect alignment of the tubes, exceptional strength and long-lasting corrosion resistance. The SO5 are carefully tested and checked for ballistic performance and consistency of shot pattern. To minimize locking stress while shooting, the cross-bolt locking system operates on Monobloc lugs positioned at the height of the upper tube axis. Locking shoulders are replaceable.

Premium Pointability, Customizable Stock Dimensions

The low-profile sidelock action body is exceptionally sleek to enhance swing and pointability in the heat of competition. The true sidelock design is reliable because it is simple, and has been renown for at least two centuries for its extremely quick lock times and ultra-crisp trigger pull. The side plates are beautifully hand engraved with a light scroll pattern and finished to titan’s extremely high custom standards. The SO5’s competition pistol-grip stock and fore-end feature left- or right-hand palm swells and are crafted from carefully selected, highly figured walnut. They can be sized and tailored to the shooter’s individual dimensions and preferred configuration. Each is finished and checkered by hand with the utmost care. SO5 Competition shotguns are available, on request, with fitted stock blank and/or removable side-locks.

Available in Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays Configurations

The SO5 Trap features a single, non-selective trigger, an International-style or Montecarlo stock with special trap rubber recoil pad and heavier Beavertail competition fore-end. The barrels are specially weighted to afford the perfect equilibrium for Trap shooting. The Skeet model has a competition skeet stock with deep diamond hand-cut checkering and a heavier beavertail fore-end. Hand-checkered buttplate or special rubber recoil pad are available on request. The short barrels and light weight enhance swing and pointability. They can be ordered with special Skeet chokes or interchangeable Mobilchoke® tubes. The SO5 Sporting features a single selective trigger, stock with special anti-recoil rubber pad and Schnabel fore-end. Barrels are medium weight and have Mobilchoke® choke-tubes, which can be changed quickly and easily. This model can be supplied with the new Optima-Bore® barrels thet anhance felt recoil reduction and, thanks to the new Extended Optimachoke® tubes, improve shot pattern concentration and distribution.

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